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Security Monitoring, based on accumulated and verified IDS/SIEM patterns and risk management response system of NHN Cloud, provides 24/7 high-level security surveillance service by professional engineers.


Security Monitoring by Controlled Security Center

  • Equipped with full physical security control system (e.g. CCTV installed in all business areas, access control by fingerprint recognition, or magic mirror operations).
  • Network divided for each work environment, control of information leakage and fortified pc security.
  • Various dashboard screen configuration supported by audio and video equipment system, so as to detect and respond to real-time change of attacks.
  • Service continuity ensured, and measures for interruptible power supply.

24/7 Cost-Efficient Professional Monitoring and Operation Services

  • Seasoned security personnel with sufficient experience in a variety of hacking threats promptly determine if it is an incident and its influences.
  • Detection patterns are applied with the latest trends of attacks, in order to prevent or fast respond to threats.
  • Security monitoring services and cost-saving jobs, required for organizing and maintaining security works, are assigned to professionals so that IT personnel can focus on their main jobs.
  • Helps to resolve difficulties in securing security staff from within.

Distinctive Next-Generation Remote Security Service

  • Proves to be excellent in detection of attacks through powerful IDS/SIEM detection patterns which are verified throughout years of operation in NHN Cloud.
  • Provides distinctive security monitoring service, by the combination of scenario-based SIEM detection pattern, not by simple pattern matching.
  • Executes influence-verifying test in consideration of raw data and services for all threat attempts.
  • Notifies for vulnerabilities and suspicious acts, by influence verification and in-depth analysis in packet dumps, which are more than simple event notifications.

Real-Time Security Monitoring Checks on Console

  • Security monitoring detection and analysis can be immediately found on a console.
  • Incidents are immediately recognized via network transmission, even during off-business hours.
  • An event screen for IDS occurrence is provided via instance applied for security monitoring.
  • Security monitoring work progress can be notified by email.

Main Features


  • Support 24/7 security monitoring and sophisticated detection pattern of IDS/SIEM relevancy


  • Perform in-depth analysis by using raw event data and packet dumps.
  • Apply our own security monitoring methodology to detect and classify threats right from wrong, and perform influence testing.


  • Provide and transmit information on identified weaknesses.
  • Provide information on the route and weakness of intrusion in transmission and network.
  • Perform follow-up responsive measures, like packet dumps, when an intrusion occurs, and support analysis.


  • Collect external data on a regular basis to create detection patterns for potential threats.
  • Optimize patterns for error factors in real-time response to events, such as excessively false detection.

Data Supply

  • Share work status via console at the support of the security monitoring WORK-FLOW system.
  • Provide IDS event occurrence on dashboard.
  • Deliver security monitoring status by email.
  • Communicate on the phone when security incidents occur.



  • WAF is available with the WEB Firewall service.
  • DDoS attack can be prevented by DDoS Guard service.