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Object storage is an object storage service that allows you to store various types of data as much as you want and import them whenever needed.

Service Characteristics

Outstanding Scalability

With unlimited capacity, you can store as much data as you need when needed without having to consider storage capacity.

High Stability and Restoration Capability

Stores objects redundantly on different hardware to safely store data. Even if some replicas have unexpected problems, they are quickly restored from the intact replicas.

Control Accessibility

You can control access rights per container. You can set containers to public for anyone to view, and Role-based access control (RBAC) enables you to grant differential read/write permissions to a project or individual user.

Convenient Web Console

Provides a web console that allows you to manage data in a familiar hierarchical directory structure for user convenience. Allows you to create virtual folders within a container to group and manage objects.


Provides HTTP-based REST APIs to control containers and objects. REST APIs allows you to use object storage in your application.

Amazon S3-compatible API

Provides an API compatible with Amazon S3. S3-compatible API allows you to use Amazon Web Service Software Development Kit (SDK)-based applications and various third-party tools.

Life Cycle Control

Provides a life cycle control feature on a container or individual object basis. This allows for efficient management of storage usage.

Object Lock

Provides an WORM (Write Once Read Many) feature to protect data from inadvertent overwriting and deletion requests by users.

Version Management

The version management feature allows you to manage the history of updating and deleting objects and to restore the objects to their previous versions.

Disaster Recovery

The container replication feature allows you to replicate objects in a container to another containers in different regions. Replicated data allows you to prepare for unexpected disasters.

Data Encryption for Improved Security

The encryption feature from server-side can improve security by encrypting sensitive data. Symmetric keys used for encryption are managed securely by Secure Key Manager service of NHN Cloud.

Convenient Cloud Accessibility

NHN Cloud's Service Gateway provides access to object storage over a private network from instances within user VPCs isolated from external networks.

Access History

Provides a history of access to object storage through NHN Cloud's CloudTrail service.



A basic data unit of object storage. It consists of data, user-assigned metadata, and unique addresses.


A virtual unit that binds objects. It allows you to manage objects hierarchically, similar to folders in Windows or directories in Linux.


A namespace for managing objects. It serves as a unit for various management settings. All objects must exist in a container and have a name that is unique within the container.

Storage Account

A user account for object storage. NHN Cloud object storage is isolated on an account basis.

API Endpoint

An HTTP URL provided to access object storages through REST APIs.