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December 19, 2023

Feature Updates

  • Notebooks and training with private images

    • User-personalized container images can be used to power notebooks, training, and hyperparameter tuning.
    • By registering private image and registry account, you can easily select private images to create resources.
  • Dashboard

    • See your overall resource utilization, top 3 endpoint service monitoring, and top 3 CPU/GPU utilization on one page.
  • Endpoint > Autoscaler

    • You can dynamically manage the number of nodes by setting policies to scale up/scale down endpoint nodes.

September 26, 2023

Feature Updates

  • Ubuntu 22.04 version provided

    • The new Ubuntu 22.04 version is provided. Ubuntu 18.04 version is no longer available, and existing customers can use the service as it is now.
  • Monitoring feature provided

    • You can check system monitoring metrics for notebook, training, and endpoint.
    • You can view API call metrics for each API resource path in the endpoint.
  • Basic algorithm for hyperparameter tuning

    • Through hyperparameter tuning, you can optimize the hyperparameters of the basic algorithm provided by AI EasyMaker.
  • Endpoint > Serving multiple models

    • You can serve multiple training models on one endpoint stage.
  • Parallel training for hyperparameter tuning

    • You can optimize the performance of hyperparameter tuning by adjusting the number of parallel trainings.

June 27, 2023

Feature Updates

December 27, 2022

Release of a New Service

  • AI EasyMaker is an AI platform for environment, training and advancement, and endpoint services for machine learning development.