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NHN AppGuard helps prevent manipulating application codes. It also detects and prohibits any tools which try to manipulate memory, speed or codes through patterned or heuristic method.


  • Blocks code manipulation from the root stage.
  • Detects and prohibits various fabricating tools through pattern- or act-oriented method.
  • Checks information detected by NHN AppGuard through Console so as to provide cause for restriction.
  • Protects application with easy but strong means
  • Currently in use for about 100 services, including game, shopping, and simple payment, to serve as a protective measure against abusive acts or application manipulation.

Main Features

Functions are provided as follows:

  • Easily blocks decompiling by protecting applications through web consoles
  • Detects manipulated applications by checking integrity of files
  • Detects abusive acts, such as rooting or emulation.
  • Detects speed hack.
  • Detects by pattern or act of each manipulative tool.
  • Provides low-cost automatic sanctions, unlike resource-wasting manual system (to be updated soon)


For the NHN AppGuard service, please refer to the glossary on Table 1.

[Table 1] Glossary for NHN AppGuard

Term Description
Heuristic Detection A method of general detection on cheating tools which prevents taking a bypass
Code Manipulation A manipulative act by analyzing code decompiling to gain profits
Decompile An act of converting compiled codes to high-level language for easy analysis
File integrity An act of checking if original files are changed due to code manipulation
Rooting, Jail Break Upgrading smartphone user’s restricted authority to the highest root level so as to gain access to all system parts without a hitch
Behavior Based Detection A method of detection by copying how a cheating tool does to cheat
System Restriction Sanctions on detected logs automatically posed by a system, not by an operator’s manual act

Service Structure

Figure 1 displays how NHN AppGuard works: Using NHN AppGuard’s SDK, the code is integrated with the application (optional), and then app protection service (required) is completed and deployed on a console or Command Line Interface (CLI). The NHN AppGuard Engine sends a detective log to a server so as to block or sanction against abuses.

[Figure 1] Flow of NHN AppGuard

[Figure 1] Flow of NHN AppGuard