Data & Analytics > DataFlow > Overview

  • Drag & Drop and easy setup make it easy to create the desired (ETL) Extract-Transform-Load Flow.
  • Provides encryption filters and parsing filters to perform simple variations on input messages.
  • Provides features to run flows periodically at the desired time.

Special Features

  • Supports easy integration with NHN Cloud services.
  • Allows for secure and easy infrastructure resource management that can ease the burden on users.
  • Plans to strengthen integration with various data platforms and AI services that will be added in the future.
    • It will be available in various ways such as business analysis and AI service development.

Main Features

  • You can create flows that transform data imported from original data source through filters and passes it to the desired data source.
  • Drag & Drop and easy setup make it easy to set flow logics.
  • Supports easy integration with other products NHN Cloud services.
  • Scheduling feature allows you to run flows at a desired time.