DataQuery Overview

  • DataQuery is a service that runs queries on large data based on Distributed SQL Query Engine Trino.
  • Supports connection with NHN Cloud Services such as Object Storage.

Main Features

  • Supports connection to data sources such as NHN Cloud Object Storage and NHN Cloud RDS for MySQL.
  • Integrated Queries can be run in standard SQL for different data sources.
  • You can run queries in the web console.
  • Provides preview and download features for web console query results.
  • Provides information and history about running or completed queries.
  • Trino endpoint provides UI access and linking with external tools (JDBC, CLI, BI solutions, etc.).
  • Provides user project-specific Trino clusters and allows for specification adjustment when required.

Service Terminology

Terms Descriptions
Data source Refers to database or dataset for use in DataQuery.
Catalog Includes schema and services as a reference to data sources through connectors.
Schema Configures a table and defines a table that can be queried with catalog. It has the same concept as DB in typical RDBMS.
Table Collection of data consisting of rows and columns.
Cluster Refers to Trino cluster.