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The Smart Downloader service supports for downloading resources required to run a game in multi-threads.
The Client downloads resources and collects statistical data, so as to provide various information.

Main Features

Support for Multi-threaded Downloads

  • Make the most of the network bandwidth for a download.
  • Useful for an environment where the network is not speedy (global) and has a number of files .

Update Revised File List Only

  • Updated on the file size- or checksum-basis.
    • Update is available even for image or text files, for which the content has changed but the size remains (since file checksum changes).
  • After an initial full download, only increments are to be updated.

Allow Simple Uploads and Automate Uploading/Creating Deployment Files

  • Game resources are easily uploaded via console/Jenkins Plugin.
    • Uploads can be automated by using Jenkins Plugin.
  • With game resources uploaded, deployment files are automatically updated.

Simplify Downloads and Updates

  • Download can be simply implemented through provided SDK, while the process details are provided.

Provide Statistics on Game Downloads

  • Provide real-time download status within 24 hours, as well as daily monitoring indicators
  • Check statistics on successful/failed downloads
  • Check download statistics for each country, device, or OS
  • Allow search for download statistics during selected time range (around the time of game deployment)


Term Description
Service Individual unit of Smart Downloader.
Build Game resources to be downloaded via Smart Downloader SDK: to be managed by each service.
Deployment File Builds uploaded to Smart Downloader automatically create deployment files: to be managed by each service.
Internal CDN CDN which is automatically created within Smart Downloader.
External CDN When there is a CDN already in use, which is not an internal one.


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[Figure 1] Smart Downloader Structure

Component Name Description
SDK A client SDK to use SmartDownloader for a game client.
API Server Processes NHN Cloud authentication and delivers CDN Download URL to a client SDK.
Console Allows to register Smart Downloader, or to upload or monitor builds.
Jenkins Plugin Provided to directly upload builds on user's build server, not via console.