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Client SDK

Below are the code values of DownloadResult, delivered as StartDownload API callbacks.

Error Error Code Description
SUCCESS 0 Downloaded.
SUCCESS_NO_DIFFERENCE 1 Not downloaded as there is no change between local and CDN files.
Deemed as successful.
USER_CANCEL -9 Download is cancelled.
ALREADY_DOWNLOADING -10 Already downloading.
ERROR_REQUEST_API -199 Failed to request for API server.
Check message for details.
ERROR_WRONG_REQUEST_API -198 Made a wrong request to API server.
ERROR_METAFILE_PARSE -197 Failed to parse metafile.
ERROR_PATCH_CHECK -196 Failed while comparing local and CDN file information.
ERROR_METAFILE_DOWNLOAD -195 Failed to download metafile.
ERROR_RESPONSE_API -194 Failed to respond to API server.
ERROR_EMPTY_FILE_LIST -193 Downloaded file is not found.
ERROR_FILE_INITIALIZE -299 Failed to initialize files (creating folder/file) for downloads.
ERROR_FILE_READ -298 Failed to read files.
ERROR_FILE_WRITE -297 Failed to write files.
ERROR_UNZIP -296 Failed to unzip files.
ERROR_ENOUGH_DISK_SPACE -295 Disk space is not enough.
ERROR_NOT_ACCESS_DIRECTORY -294 Cannot access folder.
ERROR_CHECK_DISK_SPACE -293 디스크 공간 확인 시 실패했습니다.
자세한 내용은 메세지를 확인 바랍니다.
ERROR_SOCKET_CONNECT -399 Socket is disconnected due to network issues.
ERROR_SOCKET_TIMEOUT -398 Timeout has occurred during network connection.
ERROR_HTTP_STATUS_CODE -397 Failed to request for HTTP.
Check message for details.
ERROR_SOCKET_CONNECT_TIMEOUT -396 Timeout has occurred during socket connection.
ERROR_RAW_SOCKET -395 Error has occurred in raw socket.