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The Maps Service provides navigation services through iNavi with accumulated expertise via maps (web or mobile) and HTTP REST APIs. A variety of features are available, including easy and precise maps, search, and getting directions.

Main Features

Maps API

  • Maps API based on JavaScript
    • Vector maps and aerial maps are available easy and fast on the web page.
    • Using both WebGL and vector files allows flawless zoom-in/out of high resolution and supports various visualization effects between the background map and data layer.
    • More than 230 features are supported, including map movement, rotation, tilting, zoom-in/out, marker, information window, figures, changing map types, and converting coordinates.
  • Mobile Maps SDK
    • Maps SDKs are available both on Android and iOS, so that most optimized mobile app services can be developed.
    • A variety of classes and methods are supported to implement map features on mobile apps.
    • Distinct cycle and geographical space data are optimized to the resolution for display.
  • Integrated Search
    • Search is available by business name, phone number, or address (by lot number or road name).
  • Various Search Services
    • A variety of search services are supported, including search of recommended words, or sub-facilities.
  • Geocoding, or Reverse Geocoding
    • Conversion service is provided from address to coordinates, or vice versa.

Getting Directions (Route Navigation)

  • Get Directions

    • The route navigation service such as iNavi Navigation provides smart and precise route search.
    • A variety of navigation options are provided, including detail information, summary information, multiple departure, and multiple destination.
  • Real-time Traffic Data

    • Based on the real-time traffic data, more precise and faster routes are guided.


Term Description
WGS84 Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Coordinates enabled by WGS84 spheroid: spherical coordinates to latitude or longitude
TW Coordinates Coordinate system on Thinware maps (ThinkWare coordinates)
TM Coordinates With the location of a random area as origin point of coordinate, the meridian traversing the origin point on the plane is displayed as axis X while the parallel between the east and west as axis Y, so that each location can be marked by m under the rectangular coordinate system.
Map Cycle Data exposing information on the background map: information which is exposed properly so as to recognize information on each location, such as administrative names, business names, public institutions, water system, and road name.
General/Aerial Maps General Map: Maps with general background data which are optimized for PC web maps
Aerial Maps: Maps that are photographed on airplane
Administrative Codes Codes that are stipulated in accordance with procedures from standardized administrative codes which are required for tasks of each institution so that information can be shared between institutions
Old Address System (based on land-lot numbers) Land-based address system, like Dong, Li + lot number
Road Name Address System Building-based address system, like road name + building number
Space Search Search within area or radius
Extent Search: Search within areas on top-left coordinates (X,Y)/bottom-right coordinates (X,Y)
Range Search: Search within radius from central coordinates
POI Short for Point of Interest, which refers to buildings or stores which are marked on electronic maps, like navigation
Sub-facilities Facilities included at each POI (e.g. Sub-facilities of Everland: Parking lot 1A , Parking lot 1B)
Stopover A location which is passed by between departure and destination
Keyhole Markup Language, or KML XML standard-based file format to mark geographical data
Developed for Google Earth and now supported for many services, such as Google and HERE Map.
GPS Exchange Format, or GPX XML-based file format to exchange GPS data between Internet application and web services
Classified into waypoint, route, and track, to indicate points and path information