Application Service > ROLE > Error Code

Response Body contains "header" information by default. If API call fails, isSuccessful becomes false and an error code is displayed in resultCode.

    "header": {
        "isSuccessful": true,
        "resultCode": 0,
        "resultMessage": "SUCCESS"

The resultCode is defined as follows.

isSuccessful resultCode Description
TRUE 0 Successful
FALSE -2 Failed due to server issue. Need to check with person-in-charge
FALSE 400 API call failed due to invalid factor
FALSE Appkey is invalid invalid appkey, secretkey
FALSE 403 Failed due to call from unauthorized IP
FALSE 404 Check API URL and HTTP methods
FALSE Exceeded server connection time Failed due to server issue. Need to check with person-in-charge
FALSE 1000 Invalid Request Parameters
FALSE 1002 Request Parameters that failed validation
FALSE 1003 Failed to return response due to server issue
FALSE 1004 Failed due to server issue
FALSE 1005 Failed due to server issue
FALSE 1200 Failed due to server issue
FALSE 1201 Failed due to server issue
FALSE 4003 Invalid appkey
FALSE 10000 Invalid resource path
FALSE 10001 Invalid resource name
FALSE 10002 Invalid resource ID
FALSE 10003 Duplicate resource path exists
FALSE 10004 Duplicate resource exists
FALSE 10005 Resource not found
FALSE 10006 Too many resources registered
FALSE 10007 Duplicate resource UI Path
FALSE 10008 Invalid resource UI Path name
FALSE 11000 Duplicate roles exist
FALSE 11001 Role not found
FALSE 11002 Invalid Role ID
FALSE 11003 Role relationship already exists
FALSE 11004 Role relationship not found
FALSE 11005 Role and resource relationship already exists
FALSE 11007 Role relationship unspecified role specified
FALSE 11008 Role Relationship Setting Parameters Error
FALSE 11010 Unable to set to deny
FALSE 12000 Operation not found
FALSE 12001 Operation already exists
FALSE 12002 Invalid Operation ID
FALSE 13000 Range ID already exists
FALSE 13001 Range ID not found
FALSE 13002 Do not allow changes to ALL range
FALSE 13003 Invalid range ID
FALSE 14000 User ID already exists
FALSE 14001 User ID not found
FALSE 14002 User role relationship already exists
FALSE 14003 User role relationship not found
FALSE 14004 Invalid User ID
FALSE 14005 Invalid period setting
FALSE 15000 Excel file processing failed
FALSE 15001 Wrong Excel file format
FALSE 20000 Condition attribute ID that already exists
FALSE 20001 Invalid condition attribute ID
FALSE 20005 Condition attribute ID already in use
FALSE 21001 Operator type of condition attribute value is not allowed
FALSE 21002 Invalid data type of condition attribute value
FALSE 90000 Failed due to systematic issue. Need to check person-in-charge