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With Deploy, applications can be deployed fast and easy, at 'One Click'.

  • Binary Files
  • Multimedia Files
  • Script Files
  • Execution Files
  • Other Files as User Defines



  • Easy and convenient binary management
  • Simple delivery of client binaries
    • Mail
    • SMS
  • Real-time monitoring at each deployment step
  • Deployment result notified by mail
  • Scenario setting regarding deployment
  • Supported on the web console




Files are easily uploaded with the help of various uploading methods. * Uploading Interfaces * Web Console * Jenkins Plugin * REST API


Notification for downloading links makes it easy to install and update apps.

Query Binaries

Binary data of the past remain to enable fast roll-backs.

Manage Deployment Projects

Infrastructure information of a project is integrated for an easy setting.

Manage (Execute) Deployment Scenario

User-defined commands are used to check server status after deployment.

Manage Deployment History

Deployment and previous binaries are managed by deployment history so as to secure stability.


Terms Description
Artifact Basic configuration unit of Deploy for deployment management
Server Group Server group to execute scenario
Scenario A collection of tasks to be executed on a server
Task Unit of execution for the deployment process
Binary User-uploaded files to deploy
Resource Files to deploy which can be created, modified, and managed for history on a web console