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FriendTalk enables to send advertisement messages to KakaoTalk users who become Plus Friend based on mobile phone numbers.
RESTful API is provided for easy integration.


  • Send various promotional messages, including advertising messages, to users who are friends with you.
  • Send text and images with attachments at a lower cost than SMS.
  • If you attach an image, you can enter up to 400 characters of text. Otherwise, you can enter up to 1,000 characters.
  • Send a template with no set content and no registration, just free text.
  • If FriendTalk fails, you can send a text message instead.
  • According to the Information and Communication Network Act, sending advertising information is restricted from 20:50 to 08:00 the following day.
Category Description
Text Up to 1,000 characters of text + up to 5 link buttons
Image Up to 400 characters of text + 1 image + up to 5 link buttons
Wide image Up to 76 characters of text + 1 wide image + up to 2 link buttons
Wide item list Text + item list image + up to 2 link buttons (horizontally aligned)
  • Requires a list of maximum 4 items / minimum 3 items.
  • Text phrases are limited to 25 characters for the first item and 30 characters for items 2-4.
  • You can only send ads.
  • Carousel feed Per 1 carousel: title (header) + text copy + link buttons (2/arranged horizontally) + send image for carousel
  • Requires a list of maximum 10 / minimum 2 carousel.
  • The title (header) is limited to 20 characters and the text copy to 180 characters.
  • Each carousel can have a maximum of two buttons and is sent horizontally aligned.
  • You can only send ads.
  • Main Features

    • RESTful APIs are provided to Send/Query Messages or Manage Images.
    • Console allows sending/querying messages, managing images, and queries statistics of sent messages.