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According to the Kakao policy, in order to send a KakaoTalk Biz message, you must first open a business-certified channel at the KakaoTalk Channel Administrator Center to send an AlimTalk /FriendTalk.[Create Kakao Channel and Business Certification Guide]

Create KakaoTalk Channel

Click 'Information Entry Guide' at the top of opening the channel to refer to the relevant guide.

  1. Log into the KakaoTalk Channel Administrator Center.

    • It is recommended to sign up as a company representative or as a public email. (You can log into the person in charge's personal KakaoTalk account via email, but the channel may have to be transferred when the person in charge is absent or when you leave the company.)
  2. Click on [Create New Channel] button to go to Open a Channel page and enter the channel information you want to open.

    • The channel name is a name that is exposed on channel home and the channel name and the corporate name on the business registration document are set the same. Names that are not related to the business sector may be reasons for rejection during the screening stage of the ‘business channel’ review.
    • Search ID is the ID displayed when searching on KakaoTalk app. Once set, the search ID cannot be changed.
    • You can also set up your profile picture after channel registration.

Figure 1

Set KakaoTalk Channel

After opening channel, apply for a business channel by setting up channel information.

  1. Select the channel opened in KakaoTalk Channel Management Center. Set channel disclosure and allow to search to ‘ON.’

  2. Apply for a change to business channel. If you attach/enter everything and apply, the change will be decided through the review. (Kakao will review it and it will take 2 to 3 business days.)

    • Business registration card and employment certificate (representative ID). Documents submitted by industry are required.
    • Please refer to the personal information masking guide when submitting documents. If masking is omitted, the review will be rejected.
    • In the case of mail order sales, medical device sales, and health functional food sales, a declaration certificate needs to be attached.
    • If the company name and channel name of business information entered are different, please attach data for review.

Figure 2

Register KakaoTalk Channel

  1. If switching to a business channel has been completed (approved), register the correspodning sender profile (KakaoTalk channel) on Notification > KakaoTalk Bizmessage > Manage outgoing Profiles tab.