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Log & Crash Search collects and searches logs from client and server.

By analyzing and carrying out statistics of crash in mobile apps, data of different causes could be provided.

Below describe benefits and features of Log & Crash Search.


  • Separate the game server from the log server in order to prevent potential problems caused by the large volume of logs.
  • Collect errors occurred in all deployed clients at one point to retrieve and analyze them.
  • Allow fast and patterned search of any logs you want among a large volume.
  • Support real-time monitoring of log/crash in every five minutes.
  • Enable the use without stop even with increasing log volume.
  • Support for errors, crash dumps, web application logs, and user-defined (customized) message types, which are available on Windows, Linux and Java.

Main Features

[Table 1] describes the main features of Log & Crash Search.

Feature Description
Log Summary Show log counts for each search field, including error code, log type, and log level.
Log Search Chart Display log search with trends of every time period.
Real-time Log Search Update the search screen for every 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.
Log Search by Field Easily restrict search conditions so that search page shows log counts of main fields, and only relevant logs are retrieved from a selected field.
Highlighting Highlight matching query words easily to see if logs are appropriate for search conditions.
Search Query Saving Save searched conditions and apply for further searches or create a dashboard.
Crash Log Search Search app crash logs by filtering status, period, version, or operating system, for each platform (iOS, Android, or Unity)
Search of Crash Log Trends Provide crash trends, such as crash counts, number of users, and error statistics, in various chart types.
Forecasting Crash Indicator and Trend Check rate and trend of crash occurrence for each session, version, and platform.
Crash Statistics Provide statistical data of each crash type.
Network Insight With URL specified, check network delay time of each nation and statistics of error rate.