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This function is provided for obtaining customer information according to the media number from client company through API when call inquiry has been requested.

Request URL: API URL of client company Response Type: JSON

Request Parameters

Number Variable Required Data Type Description
1 telNo O String Media number of received call

Result Data

Number Variable Data Type Description
1 resultCode String Success:0, Fail:other
2 resultMsg String Result message
3 resultData Map Result map

Result Data Parameters

Number Variable Data Type Description
1 custId String
2 custName String
... ... ... ...

Response Body

      "custId": "test",
      "custName": "Test",
   "resultCode": "0",
   "resultMsg": "success"

The data in the variable resultData could be set as desired by the client company, and all of the data returned by the API are displayed to the screen. If the variable in the resultData is added as ticket field in Online Contact, the variable name and field code should be identical for adequate mapping.