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Service Management menu in Issue Management service includes detailed setting functions for accepting and processing escalated inquiries including ticket, agent, external channel.

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From the Ticket menu, you can manage categories and fields which are used when processing inquiries, use trigger features that can improve business efficiency, manage templates, and set up email.

Manage Category

In Issue Management service, ticket categories are used as below :

  • Submission Type: Categories which agents of Consultation Management service selects when escalating tickets
  • Processing Type: Categories which agents of Issue Management service selects when processing escalated tickets

Submission Type

When adding lower level categories, please click the upper level category first and check whether it is properly selected. Categories will be created below the highlighted category. Duplicate category names are not allowed within the same depth.

If you click the created category, delete button will appear. You can edit category names by double clicking the category. You could copy Category ID through Copy button, and download overall category information into excel format through Download button.

Processing Type

When adding lower level categories, please click the upper level category first and check whether it is properly selected. Categories will be created below the highlighted category. Duplicate category names are not allowed within the same depth. You could modify or delete categories through Edit, Delete button.

You could copy Category ID through Copy button, and download overall category information into excel format through Download button.


Triggers are designed to increase task productivity by automating repetitive tasks. By using triggers, resulting behaviors are automatically executed when certain conditions are met. You can also set up notification mails to be sent for results.

Example) If Submission Type of the ticket = Billing, Assign ticket to test01 agent of Billing group necessarily

Click the ① Add Trigger button, enter all the title, conditions, and results, and click the Save button to save and activate the trigger. Enabled triggers can be disabled via the ② Disable button, and conditions or results can be modified via the ③ Edit button.

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Trigger Condition Types

Trigger Condition Details

Trigger Condition Details

Trigger Result Details

Ticket : Assign

Select and save the group of agents, the agents to distribute tickets, and the distribution method(random/linear/select agent), and the tickets will be assigned according to the selected results when the trigger conditions are met.

For random allocation, tickets are randomly assigned to selected agents, and for linear allocation, tickets are assigned in the order in which agents are added to the group.

If there are multiple triggers with different agents on the same condition, tickets will continue to be assigned only to agent set to the last trigger after all triggers have been triggered sequentially, rather than randomly assigned to one of these agents. Therefore, if you want to set the ticket to be assigned randomly within the group, please select linear allocation.


Notification is the type of result that notification mail is sent to the specified recipient when the trigger condition is met. After selecting the person to send the notification mail, you can set the title and content of the notification mail through the ① Notification Settings button. For notification mail sent through triggers, the mail layout set in the Service Management → Ticket → Email Settings menu is not applied, and it is sent alone as you set it on the notification settings pop-up.


Forward is the type of result that ticket information being emailed to the specified recipient when the trigger condition is met. You can check the information and inquiries of the ticket through the e-mail. If you click the ① Online Contact Shortcut link at the bottom of the inquiry, ticket screen would be popped-up, and you can process the ticket directly on the screen. If you chose to complete the ticket after forwarding, the inquiry will be emailed and your ticket will be automatically processed ascompleted.

Callback url

Callback url is the type of result that the entered callback address is called when the trigger condition is met.

Dooray Notification

If the trigger conditions are met, information of the ticket is sent via Dooray notification based on the template set by the ① Template Settings button. For the link URL, see Dooray Messenger Service Guide for instructions.


Fields are divided into ① Customer Field and ① Agent Field. Please select whether you want to manage before selecting field setting or field management.

In Issue Management service, customer and agent fields are used as follows:

  • Agent Field: Fields which agents of Issue Management service enters when processing escalated tickets
  • Customer Field: Fields which are entered according to the designated category when a ticket is escalated

Field Setting

Depending on the submission type you added earlier in Service Management → Ticket → Manage Category menu, you can set the fields required for ticket escalation differently. Click Submission Type to view the fields you have set up, and you can change the order of fields except for personal information field. In the case of personal information field, it is always pinned to the bottom.

You can also ③ add and ④ remove the fields you previously added on the Field Management menu.

Field Management

You can manage fields in Field Management tab. Settings of System Fields could only be modified or initialized. User Fields could be added, modified, or deleted.

Manage Template

Template managing is a feature that allows you to quickly process tickets by pre-adding answer templates for frequently asked questions.

Template Registration

At Template Registration tab, you could add templates, ② search templates by setting ① search criteria, modify or delete templates. You could serach templates by title, processing type, search code. In the ③ template list, information are displayed as follows:

  • Title
  • Processing Type: Type connected to the template
  • Search Code: Code which can be used when searching templates
  • Number of Use: The number of times which the template was selected

If you click ① Add Template button, pop-up screen for setting template will be displayed.

  • ② Template Title
  • ③ Contents: Replacement code could be used when writing contents. Double-click adds the code to the contents, and data is inserted into code area of the template when processing tickets, making it more convenient to write replies.
  • ④ Search Code: Code which can be used when searching templates. (English or number combination within 20 characters)
  • ⑤ Template Connection: You can select processing types to connect to the template. Check the type you want to move, and press the arrow button.

You can insert links, images, and tables into the body when you right-click on the body of the content, and when inserting images, you can use the path of the uploaded image from the Service Management → Help Center → Manage File Uploads menu or by attaching the image directly.

Template Connection

You can view the templates linked to each processing type, add templates to each processing type, or delete added templates. If you select a processing type from the list, you will see the list of connected templates, and you can add templates through ① Add button.

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Email Settings

In the Email Settings menu, you can create a ① representative account address through the domain provided by Online Contact, and if you have a separate ② external account, you can register to receive inquiries. You can set the ③ sender information to specify the sender name and address of the email sent via Online Contact.

④ Mail layout settings allow you to set a common layout for mail sent during ticket processing by ticket status. From using replacement codes, you can set ticket related information to be automatically entered at the selected location. Among the replacement codes, the answer(#{content}) code must be included in the layout.

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You can manage sensitive words to prevent errors or incorrect instructions from being included in ticket replies. If you proceed ticket preview or resolve/pend tickets while the ① added sensitive text is included in the content, a ② pop-up will be displayed indicating that sensitive words are included.


In this menu, you can add and edit agents and groups for processing escalated tickets, and set up groups and permissions for each agent.


User must be registered as IAM Member to be added as an agent.

Register IAM Member

  • Click ① Invite Members button → Enter name, ID, email
  • NHN Cloud CONSOLE → Manage Member → IAM Member tab → Click Register IAM Member button → Enter ID, name, mail, and mobile phone number

Select one of the above two methods to register IAM member., and click ② Add AgentView Agent → search registered IAM Member by entering name/account/email, and add the member as the service agent.

When adding a agent, assigning group is mandatory. Thus, adding groups should be proceeded before adding agents.

The permission of agents is as follows. Setting organization administrator permission is available from [Global Management → Organization Administrator] menu.

  • Administrator: Permission which features related to service setting added to the permission of agents.
  • Agent: Permission for ticket consultation.


In Group menu, you can ① add, ② edit, ③ delete groups. When configuring agents into groups, you can assign type-specific inquiries to the appropriate group, or set up notification mails.

Add Group

Click Add Group, enter group name, choose agent to be assigned, and click > ‘button to move agent to ‘Assigned Agent’. Conversely, when you unassign a agent, click ‘<’ button to move agent to ‘Unassigned Agent’. After assigning agents, press ② Save button to apply group settings. A group can be added without assigning agents.

External Channel

You can communicate with customers by connecting external channel with Online Contact. SMS is currently supported in Issue Management service.


You could send SMS/MMS through linking [NHN Cloud Notification → SMS] service with Online Contact. If SMS function is activated in Global Management → Contract Service Status → Contract Details, SMS menu tab is shown in Service Management → External Channel menu.

To ① activate SMS linkage, please activate [NHN Cloud Notification → SMS] service first, and ② save the APP KEY which you could find in NHN CLOUD CONSOLE. If you enter and save a valid APP KEY, the SMS function is automatically activated, and sending number list is displayed.

If you click ③ Add button, pop-up screen for selecting sending number will be shown. The numbers which are registered in NHN Cloud Notification → SMS service are shown in the kist, thus please check if there are registered sending numbers before adding in Online Contact. Check the number you want to add, and click confirm button to add the number to the sending number list. The added numbers could be used as sending number when sending SMS/MMS in Online Contact.

After activating SMS service and adding sending number, you could proceed to sending/managing SMS in Additional Business Management → SMS Send menu.

Security Management

If you have enabled the Service Management → Security Service feature in the contract information through prior consultation, you can activate log linkage, and use personal information masking function for encrypting personal information transmitted during and ticket consultation.

Personal information masking function can be used in ticket management menu without further settings if Security Service function is activated, and log linkage function can be used after activating in Security management menu → log linkage tab.

Please contact the Online Contact administrator for activating log linkage through Online Contact Customer Center. (Online Contact Customer Center)