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Call Consultation

When call function is activated, call icon is displayed to the call authorized agent. CTI screen will be displayed in the upper right side of Online Contact if call icon is clicked.

CTI Login, Base Status

Agent which CTI information is registered in Global Management → CTI Management → CTI Agent Management menu could login to the CTI through ① Login button. After login is completed, the CTI screen is changed to ② default screen, and the following functions are able to use.

  • Logout
  • Rest: Set agent status to rest, call request not allocated in this status.
  • Ready: Set Agent status to ready, call request allocated when inbound call exists.
  • Business: Can choose between Education, Report, Meeting, Ticket, Chat, Monitor. Call request not allocated in this status.
  • Dial up: Can make outbound call after setting customer number, calling number. (Can set in Service Management → Call → Send No Management menu)

[FAQ] I have problems with CTI login.

Inbound Call

If call is requested when agent status is set to ready, ① alert about inbound call which notifies if call consultation is connected, current screen will be changed to the ticket processing screen of the service which call is requested is displayed.

Call would be connected by clicking ② Confirm button, and ticket would be automatically created to the service which call is requested. When cancel button is clicked, the call goes back to the scenario to navigate agents in ready status, and if the agent status is changed to 'ready' again, the agent would be able to receive call again.

Outbound Call

When clicking ① Dial up button in the CTI screen, screen for ② dial up will be displayed. After entering customer number, and selecting sending number, click ③ confirm to make outbound call. When calling is proceeded, the agent status would be changed to Dialing, and when call is connected, ticket would be automatically created to the service which call is made.

Process Call

In Talking status, you can use the following functions through the CTI screen.

  • Transfer: You can transfer the currently connected call to other agent. After entering agent number or searching agent, you can discuss with the other agent through transfer try button, and can transfer the call through transfer connect button.
  • Disconnect: In the case of a situation where normal consultation is difficult to take place due to the customer's strong attitude, click disconnect to finish call with an ARS announcement.
  • Hold: If you need a moment of confirmation or inquiry while consulting, select Hold. Music will be transmissed to the customer, and agent status will be changed to holding. Click retrieve to reconnect call.
  • Hang up: Call will be finished.

Finish Call

When call is finished, alert about change of agent status will be displayed, and if ① Confirm button is clicked, agent status will be changed to ready.

If ② Cancel is selected, status will be changed to Ticket, and you could process ticket created for the proceeded call consultation. For call tickets, you could process through selecting the following items: Resolved, Pending, Add a Comment.